Evaluating Service Delivery


Internal evaluation can end up being a large exercise that involves the use of resources that could be directed to other important activities.

Like other services we have limited time and resources to undertake evaluation exercises. Therefore, we need to be very efficient and disciplined in our evaluation efforts.

To help us make the most of the resources we have available, we have developed the following evaluation process that has been applied to various aspects of our service. Continue reading “Evaluating Service Delivery”


Monitoring Service Delivery

In SSiD we systematically collect data in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our service delivery.

Monitoring in SSiD

Monitoring can help:

  • Keep work on track and allows us to regularly review progress.
  • Alert us when things are not going to plan by helping us identify problems and causes.
  • Give us regular opportunities to make adjustments and changes that may not be presented otherwise.
  • Force us to reflect on objectives/plans/strategy and seek insight.

Monitoring should be carried out regularly and acted upon regularly. To make sure this happens, we need to detail the steps that are need in some form of monitoring procedure. Continue reading “Monitoring Service Delivery”

Student Service Encounter Mapping

Service Encounter Map

Organisations, departments and customer service staff tend to view the ‘customer experience’ from their own individual perspective: what they or their staff do, what systems they have in place to support the customer, and how the procedures under their control can help serve the customer more effectively. They can view the customer journey that has a beginning, middle, and end that all reside in their enclosed world in which they reside. Continue reading “Student Service Encounter Mapping”

Service Encounter Touchpoints

Moment of Truth

As a one-stop information service that deals with over 100,000 face to face enquiries a year, we know that first impressions count.

In face to face interactions, we make many decisions about the other people and their behaviour in the first few seconds. We then quickly reach conclusions that can help or hinder our future relationship. We may go further and manipulate ourselves into difficult positions where a misunderstanding is created.

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The Award Winning SSiD

The Student Services Information Desk (SSiD) is regularly scores high student satisfaction rating. For example nine out of the last ten years the independent iGraduate International Student Barometer ranked us top five in the world and first in the Russell group.

As well as main customers, students, rating us so highly it is reassuring and rewarding that our peers also recognise us for our achievements through awards. Continue reading “The Award Winning SSiD”

Developing Our CRM

The concept of our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, GRACE was developed in 2007, on a summer’s day on a beach in North Cornwall. I had been manager at SSiD for a couple years but realised I needed better management information to understand the needs of the service and its customers. I wanted to be able to collect data that reflected the actual activity of the service and reinforced the anecdotal evidence of team members. At the time, the activity of the service was recorded (or not) across a series of spreadsheets and tick sheets.


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