Cross-Cutting Services

Cross-Cutting 1

Although are main customers are students, over the years we have sought new ways to work with colleagues by cutting across traditional boundaries and linking separate interests. This approach has been driven in some ways by Jan Carlzon’s maxim “If you’re not serving the customer, your job is to be serving someone who is.”

In 2012 we developed a model above (based on Michael Porter’s Value Chain model) to help us reassure colleagues and explain how and where we were able to support our colleagues across the Student Services Department.

Student News, Messaging and Information Services

We can help colleagues develop and refine their messaging to students using the range of channels to their best effect.

As moderators of Student Announce, the main email service to students we are able to send emails out to all students or target particular groups. However we collect and collate many of the items about events, volunteering and dates and publish them in our weekly ‘Round Up’ newsletter to all students. Our hope is that this will reduce the daily drip, drip of email traffic to students and they will see this communication as the place to find out about events and opportunities. We also help colleagues with developing print communications designing materials to convey general student (leaflets, posters,)

We have extensive social media experience and have developed our ShefUniStudents brand as the official current student channels for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Student General Enquiry Handling Service

We help colleagues by managing general student-related front line enquiries from students and their supporters. This includes:

  • Answer the majority of face to face general student related enquiries.
  •  Answer general support enquiries and signpost or refer to appropriate information sources.
  • Handle agreed gatekeeping, signposting and referral of student enquires and request
  • Handle general student related enquiries for from third party such as parents, banks, embassies, employment agencies, etc.)

Student Web Presence Support and Guidance

We offer colleagues help with web copy, design, evaluation and development.

  • We can publish stories of colleagues on the student news and events web pages.
  • We have a broad range of skills to support the development of web based content including copy, digital media and databases.
  • Our stewardship of the University’s FAQ database (Ask Sheffield) allows us to support colleagues and include their general questions.
  • Finally we have developed a comprehensive set of guidelines outlining best practice in Web Presence Management.

Student Status Confirmation and Verification Service

Like many large organisations which have a single official in a position of authority that requires the frequent signing of similar documents, staff use an inked, blue, stamp signature of the University Secretary. We can confirm past and present student status on a wide range of documents.

Updated model

Recently we have updated this model to reflect the fact that we are increasingly involved with supporting colleagues across the rest of the University as well as in our department.

Cross-Cutting 2


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