Showcasing our Services

The service consists of two main teams: the Student Communications Team which sends out hundreds of messages to tens of thousands student each year and Student Enquiries Team which deals with hundreds of thousands of enquiries a year.

Showcasing our Services

In both areas we have established a reputation for providing high quality to service to students and their supporters.

Student Satisfaction Surveys

The main way we have established a reputation in the sector is through our consistently high student satisfaction ratings. The service regularly scores high student satisfaction ratings. For example nine out of the last ten years the independent iGraduate International Student Barometer ranked us top five in the world and first in the Russell group.


As well as main customers, students, rating us so highly it is reassuring and rewarding that our peers also recognise us for our achievements through awards:

• 2017 Guardian Award for Best Marketing and Communications Campaign (Thieves Inc)
• 2016: HEIST Silver Award for Best Low Budget Initiative (Get Ralph Home)
• 2010 THELMA for Outstanding Student Services Team

Visits from around the World

Over the years we have hosted visits from individuals, groups and conference delegates from the UK and overseas. These have included Heads of Student Services and Academic Registrars from HE institutions in Cambridge, Edinburgh, Oxford and York and, further afield, from Australia, the United States, Canada, Trinidad and Japan.

Hosting Conferences

On the 24th June 2015 hosted the 5th Annual One Stop Shop Conference from over 80 staff from 50 HEIs from Britain and Ireland which gave us the opportunity to highlight our achievements.

Student Communications Forum

In January 2015 we organised and hosted the inaugural meeting of the Student Communications Forum provides an opportunity for colleagues from across the sector to come together, share best practice and learn from their peers. The forum showcases exiting projects and advances in the sector so that everyone can share from the learning experience.

Work-shadowing at SSID

Work-shadowing, provides the opportunity to see our systems and procedures working first hand. It also provides an excellent opportunity for making personal contacts in sections which refer students to us and to which we refer students to in turn. These diverse departments rely on us to provide appropriate and accurate information and referrals.

Department Visits

Each summer we visit the reception points of each academic and professional services department to meet reception staff, ask them is anything more we can offer you or your students, tell the about work Shadowing Opportunities in SSiD and refresh leaflet and posters

Department and Faculty Communications

It can be a difficult balance between keeping our colleagues in departments and faculties informed and up to date about the service and annoying them with irrelevant communiques.

Annual Reports

SSiD has high recognition with students but still has some way to go with staff particularly in academic departments. The annual update is one way we keep these key stakeholders informed about what we do and how we can help.

Monthly Updates

Every month I send an email newsletter to colleagues in our department detailing recent developments in the service.


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