Student Satisfaction with the One-Stop-Shop

We are an information service that communicates thousands of general university messages to students and answers the majority of their face to face enquiries. As a service we are here to support the learning environment and help students with general student-related information and administration requirements.

Student Satisfaction Components


Students satisfaction is important to us not only because it reassures us that we are meeting the needs of those we serve most directly but also because it helps the University attract and retain high achievers.

Overall student satisfaction is made up of many components. In the model below I have tried to identify the main areas that contribute to the overall student experience.

This work of SSiD is carried out by two main teams: the Student Communications which sends out hundreds of messages to tens of thousands student each year and Student Enquiries team which deals with hundreds of thousands of enquiries a year.

Although we do not contribute directly to learning and teaching or research, as administrators and support staff we do our part in influencing the overall student experience.

Satisfaction with Student Enquiries

The Student Barometer is a well-established independent feedback process, managed by an external agency called The International Graduate Insight Group (i-graduate). It tracks the decision-making, perceptions, expectations and experiences of both domestic and international students.

The student population is reported as international (ISB), domestic (SB) or full population (ISBSB). The survey also provides benchmarking data, comparing us with Russell Group institutions, UK institutions and with all northern hemisphere HE institutions.

We have been part of the ISB survey since 2007 each year finishing in the top 5 of 138 Higher Education Institutions worldwide. For the last five years we have consistently 98% satisfaction over the last 5 years. Of the dozen or so Russell Group Universities surveyed we have been ranked first nine out of the last ten years.

In the full population of the survey (ISBSB) we have finished 1st in the world in the last four years and top of the Russell group since 2011.

Our locally organised daily survey of students who visit our “one stop shop” front desk support these external findings. Each day we send out an email to students asking them about the service they received from staff the previous day. Satisfaction rates are not as high as the student barometer but still run at an average of 97% over the years.

Satisfaction with Student Messaging

Each year we run a survey of students to assess the effectiveness of our general communications to students. With feedback from 1,700 students we have a good sense of how satisfied they are with the way we communicate with them.

The messages we send out to students viewed it as important and messaging by the Student Communications team is trusted (75%). The majority of students (65%) think that our email messaging is improving year on year.

More than half of students said they had seen the videos produced by the team with 93% saying the films were informative.

Many students (77%) were aware of our weekly newsletter to all students which summarises events and opportunities and many (68%) had read the publication. Most students (67%) said they preferred this to receiving a stream of individual emails.

Their success has recognised outside the University being short listed for the last two for the Guardian University Awards and winning silver for “Best Low Budget Initiative” in the 2016 HEIST (Higher Education Information Service Trust Award).


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