Supporting Colleagues with their Student Web Presence

SiD WebsiteThe Student Communication Team based in SSiD have responsibility for general student facing information and messages on the University website under the /ssid and /students URLs. This important communication channel attracts 11 million views each year.

Each section in the Student Services department has people who have access to the Content Management System (CMS) and are able and expected to make minor changes. However, we can support staff with advice and guidance to help enhance their web presence.

Web Management Guide Resource

We have brought together a range of guidance developed over the years about creating, maintaining and evaluating web pages. These include guides and checklists relating to screen copy, site and page design, evaluation techniques, maintenance and strategy and governance. Staff can use this resource to develop their knowledge and understanding of the many components that lead to quality web presence.

Web Development Offer

Our ‘offer’ to colleagues explains how we can help them develop their web presence and includes the opportunity get access to skills and resources in:

  • Developing new websites and pages
  • Site and page design
  • Web graphic and navigation icon design
  • Digital media design and development
  • Copy writing
  • Integrating the web communications channel into campaigns

Web Publication Policy

In 2015 we developed a policy that more clarified roles and responsibilities and explained how we would host general student related web content on supported sites. The support we offer to colleagues includes:

  • Managing the general student news and events pages.
  • Managing the one-stop-shop for general student web based information under the SSiD suite of pages.
  • Supporting student facing social and digital media strategy implementation.
  • Developing relevant elements of the student facing mobile web presence.
  • Communicating the outcomes of the team’s work to all interested parties.
  • Acting as the main liaison point with CICS, Corporate Communications and the wider university regarding the development of current student web pages.

Other Support and Guidance:

As well as practical help for colleagues we continue to provide on-going education, encouragement and sharing of good practice regarding web content as a student communication channel through other fora including:

SSiD Web Forum

This is a google community open to all University staff where post useful information sharing information and good practice about developing a quality student-centred web presence including design, development, evaluation, maintenance strategy and governance, our Content Management System (Polopoly), social and digital media.

Content and Coffee mornings

Between 2014 and 2016 we ran a series of “Content and Coffee Mornings” to discuss good practice in managing, maintaining and improving web content. The sessions included presentations to help initiate discussions and were informative but at busier times of the year were not very well attended.

A Word to the Webwise blog

This blog replaced the “Content and Coffee” mornings and built on the content included in at those meetings. Each blog is a chapter that covers a specific issue is greater depth and it the monthly email is distributed to all CMS stakeholders within the Student services Department.

Information Anxiety blog

This is an opinion piece which is purposely written challenge how we currently do things in order move forward the agenda of how we manage information, systems and services including the web.


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