Student Satisfaction with the One-Stop-Shop

Student Satisfaction Components

We are an information service that communicates thousands of general university messages to students and answers the majority of their face to face enquiries. As a service we are here to support the learning environment and help students with general student-related information and administration requirements. Continue reading


Understanding Our Service Quality Gaps

Service Quality GapsAlthough we have a long standing reputation for high levels of student satisfaction we try not to become complacent about our service delivery. Over the years we have used the ‘Service Quality Model’ developed by Parasuraman et al (1988) to help us explore and discuss any potential shortfall of performance.

Gap 1: Research

This gap arises is where our perceptions of student-customer expectations do not match the service they expected. That is, we have offered a service to a student which does not meet their needs or wants. Continue reading

Student-Centred Dimensions of Service Quality

Service Quality

As an information service we are always looking at ways we can understand and improve the quality of service we provide to students and their supporters. One of the ways we do this is use the SERVQUAL quality measure (Parasurman et al).

The original SERVQUAL research showed the five dimensions’ relative importance to each other by asking customers to assign 100 points across all five dimensions. Continue reading