Evaluating Service Delivery


Internal evaluation can end up being a large exercise that involves the use of resources that could be directed to other important activities.

Like other services we have limited time and resources to undertake evaluation exercises. Therefore, we need to be very efficient and disciplined in our evaluation efforts.

To help us make the most of the resources we have available, we have developed the following evaluation process that has been applied to various aspects of our service. Continue reading “Evaluating Service Delivery”


Monitoring Service Delivery

In SSiD we systematically collect data in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our service delivery.

Monitoring in SSiD

Monitoring can help:

  • Keep work on track and allows us to regularly review progress.
  • Alert us when things are not going to plan by helping us identify problems and causes.
  • Give us regular opportunities to make adjustments and changes that may not be presented otherwise.
  • Force us to reflect on objectives/plans/strategy and seek insight.

Monitoring should be carried out regularly and acted upon regularly. To make sure this happens, we need to detail the steps that are need in some form of monitoring procedure. Continue reading “Monitoring Service Delivery”

Information Service Core Competencies

A core competence is “a bundle of skills and technologies rather than a single discrete skill or technology.” (Hamel and Prahalad)

From my observation the Student Services Information Desk (SSiD) has a specific set of core competencies that deliver additional value to students and their supporters which are difficult to imitate. These are described below.


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Our Key Performance Areas

Service Delivery

We recognise that we need to continue to improve the quality, speed and effectiveness of our delivery to service users. To this end we will:

  • Continue to grow our capacity to be a “One Stop Shop” by anticipating and exploiting opportunities to develop, co-create or provide student related information and services.
  • Commit ourselves to develop a motivated, engaged staff through opportunities for increasing product knowledge and empowerment, customer service skills and other relevant staff development.
  • First line of student support
  • Improve our signposting and referral service to specialists in the department/University

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Student Satisfaction with the One-Stop-Shop

We are an information service that communicates thousands of general university messages to students and answers the majority of their face to face enquiries. As a service we are here to support the learning environment and help students with general student-related information and administration requirements. Continue reading “Student Satisfaction with the One-Stop-Shop”